The Layered Approach

How technology can improve school air quality and student performance

Citadel to Provide HALO Sensors to Twin Rivers Unified School District

The sensors will help enhance school safety and security across the Californian district

Citadel Awarded Region 4 Education Service Center Contract

The Region 4 occupational health and safety services contract will also be made available to agencies nationwide through a partnership with OMNIA Partners

Enhancing School Safety: The Necessity of a Layered Approach

One critical aspect of school safety is extending and defending the school’s perimeter by creating a buffer zone to deter potential threats before they reach the building.

Clean Air in Schools: Beyond COVID-19

With thoughtfully designed layers, it is possible to close the clean air and education gap by keeping students in school

From The White House to the Classroom – Layered Protection Is The Answer

Chief Science Offer Lew Hofmann, MD shares how his experience as the White House physician post-9/11 informed Citadel's innovative layered protection in the school environment — and why it's the best approach to health and safety.

Architecture CEO & Visionary Says School Design Key to the Future of U.S. Education

PBK Executive Chairman Dan Boggio talks about leading a national discussion on the ‘School of the Future’ on the Coffee with Closers Podcast

Citadel joins KEYE-TV from CBS News in Austin to discuss our latest survey and ways to improve student learning

Retired Texas superintendent and Citadel Education Advisor Dr. Leonard Merrell says while people remain divided on masking and vaccines, most everyone agrees on the need to improve student learning.

Surveys of Texas K-12 Parents, Teachers Reveals Divisions over Masks, Vaccines; Unity on Clean Air, In-Person Learning

Parents and teachers share strong concerns about contracting Covid-19, maintaining high quality education

Former White House doctor on coronavirus outbreak, steps to protect your family

Brig. Gen. Richard Tubb, the longest-serving White House physician in U.S. history

Airlines Send in World’s Strongest Disinfectants to Fight Virus

It might be possible to disinfect the inside of a plane without any chemicals at all.

Magnolia Bakery to combat coronavirus with futuristic ‘cleanse protocol’

Who would’ve thought a cupcake could be so cutting edge?

Northern Virginia Business Testing New Disinfecting Technologies in Office

A Northern Virginia business is testing state-of-the-art self-cleaning technology in its office to prepare for a safer work environment once stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Tech cruise ships could implement to combat spread of coronavirus: far-UVC sanitation, contact tracing

One technology that could be implemented to disinfect heavy-traffic areas on cruise ships is far-UVC light. Far-UVC light has the capability to scramble the genetic material of viruses such as coronavirus, effectively sanitizing the air, surfaces or even people.

Despite Deep Divisions over Covid-19 Protocols, the Need for Clear Air in the Classroom Unites Houston Parents

Half of all parents would consider switching school districts if better air quality and a healthier indoor environment were offered