Clean Air, Better Schools

Research from various academic sources suggests that a school’s physical environment can play a major role in academic performance.

Air quality isn't only critical for your students, teachers, and staff— it improves academic performance.

Addressing indoor air quality demonstrates leadership in prioritizing student achievement and well-being.

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From the School Bus to the Classroom

Clean air starts the moment a student steps foot on the bus. Parents and stakeholders have visibility into real-time air quality on any bus. Students can utilize the filtered (safe) network for homework — improving student behavior and producing happier, more committed bus drivers. 

The EPA Recommendation for Schools:
Clean Air & Clear Communication

Citadel supports your communications team in an awareness campaign focused on building and strengthening trust within the community.

We do this by helping you inform teachers, parents, and students about your efforts to ensure the air in your school is healthy, clean, and consistently monitored.

see the epa's white paper