Architecture CEO & Visionary Says School Design Key to the Future of U.S. Education

PBK Executive Chairman Dan Boggio talks about leading a national discussion on the ‘School of the Future’ on the Coffee with Closers Podcast

August 25, 2022 (Washington, D.C.)-Architect Dan Boggio runs the largest K-12 design firm in the United States and, from his vantage point, U.S. public education is at an inflection point 一 and facing serious challenges. More than 300,000 public school teachers and staff have exited the workforce since Covid-19 took the country by storm. On top of that, an National Education Association (NEA) survey cites an astonishing 55% percent of educators intend to leave the profession sooner than they otherwise would have. For Dan Boggio, this crisis is top-of-mind, and he’s working with experts across the U.S. to transform education for good 一 starting with immersive and engaging schools. 

On the latest episode of Pinkston’s Coffee with Closers podcast, Boggio, the Founder & Executive Chairman of PBK, says, “if we can engage kids with school, we can change their attitude towards education and their future.” He discusses how school modernization and innovative classroom design are key to achieving this aspirational future. 

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Boggio explains how removal of structural and curriculum barriers prevalent in schools built during the 1950’s and 1960’s, have “humanized the entire education process.” Equipping students for a better future requires education to prepare students for jobs and careers that don’t yet exist. He says educators now more than ever have the opportunity to design and implement programs tailored to the individual student to fuel immersive and impactful  learning - and better prepare America’s next-generation workforce to compete and win in a global economy. 

Studies also demonstrate how it’s making a difference. Biophilic design, which incorporates nature into indoor settings, is just one of the many innovative learning environments PBK has ushered into K-12 schools across the country to improve student achievement and performance. A pilot study in 2019 found an average 3.3% increase in test scores among students in biophilic design classrooms. Dan stresses how in some cases, schools are the nicest environments students will experience in their life ー and it’s PBK’s goal to create spaces where children are excited to spend their time. He adds, “We have the opportunity to engage students in a learning environment that changes their life.”  

Courtesy of PBK

Boggio is also driving a national initiative with key stakeholders, including Google, Citadel Sciences and leading education experts from around the country, to create a “School of the Future”nonprofit. His goal is to help improve every aspect of educational delivery and outcomes, from raising test scores, to improving indoor air quality and even enhancing school safety and security.

“We want to provide one central location where the very best practices are easily accessible so we can help change education in this country for good.” 

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