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  • Active Ionization
  • UV Sanitized Air Flow
  • Sanitizing Light
  • IAQ Sensors
  • Realtime Displays & Alerts


  • AI-Monitoring of External Perimeter
  • Cameras & Sensors
  • Secure Door Protection
  • Bullet-Resistant Film
  • Concealed Weapons Detection  


  • National Experts
  • Staff Training
  • Student Engagement

Extending & Defending the School Perimeter

Citadel reduces the threat and impact of gun-related violence by implementing a layered defense approach to campus security.

  • AI monitoring and concealed weapon detection system

  • Bullet-resistant laminate — you can shoot out, but they can't shoot in

  • Classroom security that meets fire code regulations and is ADA compliant.

Certified School Assessments

Let's close the gaps with Citadel's layered approach model

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Clean Air Makes Schools Better

Citadel's layered approach includes innovative environmental technologies that, together, improve productivity, enhance ADA, lower dropout rates, and help students achieve their full potential.

“Good IAQ contributes to a favorable environment for students, the performance of teachers and staff, and a sense of comfort, health, and well-being. These elements combine to assist a school in its core mission — educating children.”
-The EPA Reference Guide for Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Our Partners

Citadel is integrating best-in-class technology to deliver innovative multilayered solutions.