Citadel offers a cost-effective, multi-layered clean air solution with active clean air protection that works while we’re together to neutralize pathogens, mold, mildew, pollen and volatile organic compounds at the source.

Citadel's layers provide academic and operational benefits, protecting students and staff wherever they are — starting from the school bus to the classroom and home. 

Our Layered Approach

A Layered Approach with Customizable Solutions

By introducing multiple layers of protection, you potential points of failure are mitigated and resolved before they become serious.

Healthy indoor air allows teachers and students to remain together where learning best takes place: in the classroom.

From the school bus to the classroom, Citadel offers a cost-effective, multi-layered clean air solution.
We're used to layered approaches keeping us safe on the road — lane lines guide drivers in traffic, barricades outline or block dangerous areas, autopilot enhances safety with driver assistance systems and rumble strips alert inattentive drivers of potential danger.

The same is true for schools.

Real-time air monitoring is easily implemented in school buildings and buses and affords decision-makers complete access to IAQ information, while also providing stakeholders reassuring visibility into key metrics. This important layer boosts confidence among parents, teachers, bus drivers and students in today’s learning environment.
Human-safe lighting
Sanitizing power of light mitigates airborne and surface pathogens.
Clean indoor air
Exclusive technologies that clean the air in the room while people are together
Real-time monitoring
Advanced sensors continuously monitor indoor environments for health and wellness.
Surface protection
Light-activated coating that disinfects surfaces for up to a year.
Safe & effective continuous cleaning
Replaces traditional, toxic cleaning chemicals with a solution more effective than bleach and safe for people & the environment.
Worldclass communications support
Restore confidence in your indoor space.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools Increases Student Achievement

As you look to successfully lead your community through and beyond COVID, indoor air quality (IAQ) is not only critical for your students, teachers and staff— it’s unifying and improves academic performance.

"Good IAQ contributes to a favorable environment for students, performance of teachers and staff and a sense of comfort, health and well-being. These elements combine to assist a school in its core mission — educating children."
-The EPA Reference Guide for Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Our Partners

Citadel Sciences is partnering with industry leaders to deliver innovative, multi-layered solutions that help protect every element of indoor spaces.

Layered Solutions, Proven Results

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