The Science of Air

Outdoors, naturally occurring ions are everywhere, and they continuously work to help clean the air. The concentration of these powerful ions, however, are much lower indoors.

Citadel uses science to bring these air purifying ions to the classroom. Our patented NPBI™ technology helps reduce harmful airborne particles like viruses and bacteria by introducing ions into the space through your ventilation system — and we do this without introducing harmful ozone.

It's time to start going inside for some fresh air!

Clean Air, Clear Messaging

An informed media can lead to a better understanding of your school's approach to indoor air quality. In fact, communicating effectively — both internally and externally — is a key recommendation on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's official Reference Guide for Indoor Air Quality in Schools.

Citadel is positioned to support your communications team in an awareness campaign focused on building and strengthening trust within the community and among the media. We do this by helping you inform teachers, parents and students on your efforts to ensure the air in your school is healthy, clean and consistently monitored.

Key Partners

Teaming With The Best

Working with the Brightest

"Parents remain divided about many of the measures proposed for keeping kids safe in schools, but they coalesce around the importance of having good air quality in the classrooms."

Jim Traficant

"The human element is predictably unreliable and introduces significant risk — a layered approach mitigates points of vulnerability."

Lewis A. Hofmann, MD

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