Clean Air, Better Schools

Research from a host of academic sources suggests that a school’s physical environment can play a major role in academic performance.

Air quality is not only critical for your students, teachers and staff— it’s unifying and improves academic performance.

Addressing indoor air quality refocuses the COVID conversation away from politically divisive issues, and demonstrates leadership in prioritizing student achievement and wellbeing.

Clear Air, Clear Messaging

Citadel is positioned to support your communications team in an awareness campaign focused on building and strengthening trust within the community and among the media.

We do this by helping you inform teachers, parents and students on your efforts to ensure the air in your school is healthy, clean and consistently monitored.

The Cleanest Air in Buses

If bus drivers or parents are concerned about health and safety on the bus, this is a great solution that would be comparable to the cost of refilling the gas tank a couple times. Parents and stakeholders have visibility into real-time air quality on any bus, and students are able to utilize the filtered (safe) network for homework — improving student behavior and producing happier, more committed bus drivers. 

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