Layered Protection Mitigates Risks

When it comes to maintaining clean air in schools, the human factor is the least reliable element.

In order to reduce dependence on human compliance - and therefore minimize risk - a layered approach is the best practice to maintain clean and healthy indoor spaces.

Layering multiple technologies and solutions creates a force multiplier for healthy indoor air and ensures that a school has the cleanest air possible without relying on human compliance.
Anti-Pathogenic Lighting
Continuous Protection in the Classroom While Students & Teachers Are Together
Experience Significant Savings and Long-Term Cost Benefits​
Clean the Air While We're Together with Needlepoint
Bipolar Ionization
See the Results with Real-Time Air Monitoring Systems that You Can Share with Stakeholders
Effectively Engage Stakeholders and Strengthen Confidence in Your Environment
Light that Cleans

Anti-Pathogenic Lighting

New technology can isolate UVC light, which is a human-safe wavelength of UV light that maintains its disinfecting power without penetrating human skin or eyes. This discovery allows 222 nm lights to be implemented in occupied spaces and actively clean the air in the room and on surfaces.

It represents a targeted solution for areas with insufficient airflow or where people gather in large numbers, like restrooms, locker rooms and cafeterias.

Continuous Protection

Clean the Air While We're Together

Citadel uses science to bring these air purifying ions to the classroom. Our patented NPBI™ technology helps reduce harmful airborne particles like viruses and bacteria by introducing ions into the space through your ventilation system — and we do this without introducing harmful ozone.

Optimized Performance that Cuts Costs

Invest Energy Back into the Classroom​

While clean air is the priority for moving through and beyond the pandemic, our IAQ technologies generally save 50% or more on energy costs. This creates an additional opportunity to produce long-term, ongoing cost savings for schools and reinvest money into the classroom.

Layer Four

HVAC and Air purification system

HVAC and Air Purification At the Source

Air purifier ionizers clean your home or facility’s air by eliminating airborne particles, pathogens and odors. They improve your home’s air quality and protect your family’s, employee’s, and customer’s health by equipping your home or business with affordable, energy efficient technology that is easy to install and requires little maintenance.

Layer Five

Real-time monitoring

In this fight both the enemy and our defense are microscopic. Our sensors monitor and display the effectiveness of our solutions, giving people confidence to return to the places we live, work and play.

Layer Six

Changing the paradigm

Citadel Sciences is introducing a paradigm shift so we can return to where we live, work and play, taking you from the way things used to be to a newer, and safer, normal.

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